Sunday, February 8, 2015


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Monday, February 18, 2013

Winter Cardinals

Winter is almost over but I wanted to do a winter project with my kinders. I've always enjoyed the sight of a bright cardinal during the winter months. The contrast of a cardinal and a bare tree is gorgeous, and even more so if it's a snowy day.

I really thought this project would be great for my kindergartners because of the fine motor skill practice of tearing and cutting. They also got to experience controlled splatter paint. I don't care what age you are, splatter paint is fun!

They worked so hard, and a lot of people were surprised when I told them kindergarten made these. This will definitely be a project I do next year.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Math and Art:Snowflakes and Radial Symmetry

I love Pinterest. Actually, I think it's required for teachers to love Pinterest. On several boards I've seen ideas on what to do with paper towel rolls. For an art teacher on a budget, paper rolls are a free medium so I took note.

It's also no secret that I love snow. I thought that my fourth graders could use the rolls to make snowflakes. I also thought this would be a great project to introduce symmetry and radial symmetry. Not only is symmetry part of the principles of design (under balance), but it is also part of the fourth grade math standards.

We talked about symmetry, line of symmetry, and radial symmetry. We did an activity were the students identified objects as being symmetrical, and located the line of symmetry.

The students then cut one inch sections of the paper rolls and painted them white. They mad as many as they could until the end of class.

The next class, we reviewed our vocabulary and assembled the snow flakes. They first laid out how they wanted to assemble the flakes and then glued the pieces together. Some students needed to cut more pieces.

Something to note though is that the curls must be made from previously painted rolls. If you try to paint a curl, all the water from the paint will soak into the cardboard and unroll the curl. I learned this lesson while trying to make my teacher example.

The last class was spent painting any areas that needed it. They then dipped one side of the flake in glue and then into glitter.

Now, glitter is way out of my comfort zone. It gets everywhere and is not my favorite medium, but it really finishes the flakes. I decided to set up an assembly line for the glitter, that way it stayed contained to one area.

While some came out symmetrical and some radial, I think they look really nice. I put a string on each one so that they could be displayed on a door knob, in a window, or on a tree.

This will definitely be a project that I do next year!

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Saturday, December 15, 2012


First let me say that my thoughts and prayers are going out to the families and community in Connecticut. My heart is broken and when listening to the news all I could think of was my little ones faces at school. How sweet and precious they are. Don't take for granted the chance to hold on to and tell someone you love them.


I got into the door decorating mood this year and wanted to share my love of snow.

This is sort of my idea of a snow dance. I figured if I decorate for it, it will come. Sure the high today was in the 50's, but there's time. I'm leaving this door up until March and hoping everyday!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Crayon Shaving Fall Trees

We are on Thanksgiving break right now and I feel like autumn is fleeting. I've always felt that the Friday after turkey day was the beginning for Christmas  and winter festivities. So here is my last post related to fall because next you will be seeing snowmen and snowflakes!

I did this project with my first graders. We first talked about which season we were in and the different attributes that went along with fall. Namely, colorful falling leaves.

I showed them how to create their trees with brown construction paper. After they were done creating the tree they brought me their picture so that I could add crayon pieces and iron the wax paper together. We had a nice orderly system going that worked really well.

After their paper was fused together, they added a black border and put a fall pattern on it with oil pastels. 

I have to say that I didn't intend for them to be sun-catchers. I was just simply holding them up to look at and realized how great and vivid  they looked with the light shining through.

I decided to display them in the windows above the front door. This is a heavily trafficked area where I knew the student's work would stand out. 

This was a great one day project that included science in the art making. The students really enjoyed it and thought it was so cool how the crayons melted. I am excited to do this project again next year.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Music Painting a Picture

It's that time of the nine weeks again when the grade teachers get extended planning and  we get art enrichment with our students. This time the music teacher and I again collaborated to do an aesthetics and art crit lesson. We did this particular lesson with second grade. I showed the class three different art prints and while they looked at the art prints we played a song. I asked the students to point to the print they think went with the song being played. From there I called on students who wanted to share their opinions on why the song went with the print.

 Our students were very insightful and did a great job. One print was a  somewhat abstract, rainy, city scene. While playing a jazz song, most of the students chose this print to go along with the song. One student said that the song went with the print because the sound of the piano went with what she imagined the rain to sound like in the picture.

Lastly, we played a song they had never heard before (Vivaldi Autumn The Four Seasons)
 and told them to let the song paint a picture in their mind. They were given paper and crayons and drew what they saw in their mind. They had some nice imagery.

A musician with a violin.

A city scene.

An orchestra. 

A pick-nic.

A wedding scene.

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