Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Holly vintage stencil batman!

Look what was in a box of donated supplies. Am I the only one who finds this super neat?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Romero Britto in Kindergarten

I love to make Pop Art to go in the hall when spring gets here. It's so bright and lively! They are great pieces that contrast the past few winter months. I wanted to try this Romero Britto inspired art lesson with Kindergarten, but wasn't sure how they would turn out. To say the least, I am pleasantly surprised and will definitely keep this lesson in my repertoire for years to come. Here is my example.

After looking at and discussing Britto's art, the students traced a shape on their paper. I chose to offer a heart, fish, or butterfly. It was close to Valentine's day when we started these, so I got LOTS of hearts. Next they drew three lines going from ones side of the page to the other, and put black oil  pastel on the pencil lines.

Time to paint in the open spaces!

Finally, use colored oil pastels for patterns and designs.

Here are some nice ones I wanted to showcase.

Do you do any Pop Art with your kinders? Please share in the comments!

One of the Reasons I Teach

This is one of my favorite things about being a teacher. We've started this op art lesson in fourth grade, and one of my students went home and made a complete one , on their own, last night. I love when they take what they've learned in class and create outside of the classroom!

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Hello! I just wanted to drop a note and let you know that I do a lot of posting to my Facebook page. I find it's easier to manage because I can quickly make a post from my phone. If you haven't seen it, stop by and like my page.

Here's a taste of what you will see there. Thanks!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Winter Cardinals

Winter is almost over but I wanted to do a winter project with my kinders. I've always enjoyed the sight of a bright cardinal during the winter months. The contrast of a cardinal and a bare tree is gorgeous, and even more so if it's a snowy day.

I really thought this project would be great for my kindergartners because of the fine motor skill practice of tearing and cutting. They also got to experience controlled splatter paint. I don't care what age you are, splatter paint is fun!

They worked so hard, and a lot of people were surprised when I told them kindergarten made these. This will definitely be a project I do next year.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Math and Art:Snowflakes and Radial Symmetry

I love Pinterest. Actually, I think it's required for teachers to love Pinterest. On several boards I've seen ideas on what to do with paper towel rolls. For an art teacher on a budget, paper rolls are a free medium so I took note.

It's also no secret that I love snow. I thought that my fourth graders could use the rolls to make snowflakes. I also thought this would be a great project to introduce symmetry and radial symmetry. Not only is symmetry part of the principles of design (under balance), but it is also part of the fourth grade math standards.

We talked about symmetry, line of symmetry, and radial symmetry. We did an activity were the students identified objects as being symmetrical, and located the line of symmetry.

The students then cut one inch sections of the paper rolls and painted them white. They mad as many as they could until the end of class.

The next class, we reviewed our vocabulary and assembled the snow flakes. They first laid out how they wanted to assemble the flakes and then glued the pieces together. Some students needed to cut more pieces.

Something to note though is that the curls must be made from previously painted rolls. If you try to paint a curl, all the water from the paint will soak into the cardboard and unroll the curl. I learned this lesson while trying to make my teacher example.

The last class was spent painting any areas that needed it. They then dipped one side of the flake in glue and then into glitter.

Now, glitter is way out of my comfort zone. It gets everywhere and is not my favorite medium, but it really finishes the flakes. I decided to set up an assembly line for the glitter, that way it stayed contained to one area.

While some came out symmetrical and some radial, I think they look really nice. I put a string on each one so that they could be displayed on a door knob, in a window, or on a tree.

This will definitely be a project that I do next year!

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