Thursday, October 4, 2012

Painting with Pre-K: A is for Apple

One of the first projects I did with Pre-K was the Brown Bear assemblage. I really wanted to focus on painting, cutting, and gluing. They came out so nicely that I wanted to continue on the same path. I know that the little ones are working on letters and numbers, so I wanted to base my projects around the alphabet. I didn't think about this until after Brown Bear and decided that this project would be about the letter A.

I showed the students a book about Apples. I talked to them about the seasons and how apples grow. Next, I gave them a piece of paper with the leaves and tree trunk already drawn on it. Last time they only painted with one color. This time they got two. I instructed them to paint the leaves green and the trunk brown. They did so well at painting.

The second class time we focused on cutting more intensely. To start, I gave each student a piece of paper with three black lines on it: strait, curvy, and zig zag. I have a lot of scrap paper around and used it for this activity. The got scissors and were instructed to cut on the black line. Just like with any group of students, some did better than others, but practice makes better!

Next, they cut out the two separate pieces and used small dots to glue them onto light blue paper. Lastly, I gave each student a q-tip and showed them how to add apples to their tree with red paint. They loved this part and got very excited about adding their apples.

Note: be careful how long you let them do this step. They really do love adding apples to their trees, and if your not watchful the pictures can turn into an applepalooza.

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  1. I've just switched from wordpress to blogger, which means a new reader - so I've followed you again!! I do enjoy your blog, and will be back to see what you're up to! :)