Thursday, November 15, 2012

Music Painting a Picture

It's that time of the nine weeks again when the grade teachers get extended planning and  we get art enrichment with our students. This time the music teacher and I again collaborated to do an aesthetics and art crit lesson. We did this particular lesson with second grade. I showed the class three different art prints and while they looked at the art prints we played a song. I asked the students to point to the print they think went with the song being played. From there I called on students who wanted to share their opinions on why the song went with the print.

 Our students were very insightful and did a great job. One print was a  somewhat abstract, rainy, city scene. While playing a jazz song, most of the students chose this print to go along with the song. One student said that the song went with the print because the sound of the piano went with what she imagined the rain to sound like in the picture.

Lastly, we played a song they had never heard before (Vivaldi Autumn The Four Seasons)
 and told them to let the song paint a picture in their mind. They were given paper and crayons and drew what they saw in their mind. They had some nice imagery.

A musician with a violin.

A city scene.

An orchestra. 

A pick-nic.

A wedding scene.

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