Monday, February 18, 2013

Winter Cardinals

Winter is almost over but I wanted to do a winter project with my kinders. I've always enjoyed the sight of a bright cardinal during the winter months. The contrast of a cardinal and a bare tree is gorgeous, and even more so if it's a snowy day.

I really thought this project would be great for my kindergartners because of the fine motor skill practice of tearing and cutting. They also got to experience controlled splatter paint. I don't care what age you are, splatter paint is fun!

They worked so hard, and a lot of people were surprised when I told them kindergarten made these. This will definitely be a project I do next year.


  1. I love the really fat one 4 in on the top row! so cute!

    1. Ha! Yeah they do each have their own little personality don't they.

  2. How did you control the paint splatter? What's the technique?

  3. Do you have some detailed instruction? I'd love to do this with my class!