Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I am starting many new adventures this year. I am the new art teacher at my school, I am starting an art ed blog, I recently got married, and I'll be moving soon. My plate is full but I'm ready to embrace my new adventures.
Today I was able to stop in and check out my new room (well, new to me at least).  This will be my second year teaching and there will be several things different about this year. At my last school I was one of two art teachers, came in mid year, and was in a community room. I had people coming in and out at all times mainly because I had one of the three adult bathrooms in the entire building in my room. Perk is that I was never lonely. This year I am coming in behind a teacher who retired last year, I have a room to my self, and I'm the only art teacher for the school.

Pros- Coming in behind an established teacher means that there are a lot of resources available. There are materials that have been collected over the years, two bookshelves full of books, and many art reproductions. I also have more wall space than I ever thought I would have, something I didn't have very much of last year.

Cons- I liked having another art teacher in the building to bounce ideas off of. She also became my friend and we could dentify with each other when it came to teaching. She also had 8 years teaching experience on me and was able to give advice about previous and new art lessons. Even though I will miss not being able to walk down the hall and chat, I know that with the plethora of technology we will stay in touch.

Here are before pictures of my "new" room.

I will post after pictures once I have it all set up and decorated. Like any artist, I can't wait to see the finished product.


  1. That looks almost exactly like my rooms layout & size! I have a mega b-board on that back wall between the two little windows though. The fact that it is kind of square"ish" gives you a million ways to set it up!!!

    1. True on the set up options. I have this massively large rug though and I've been trying to work around it. You can see it in all three pictures. I also only have on place to set up my desk due to phone hook up, but it's all good. I'm very excited to get it all set up.

  2. Welcome aboard! Great room btw, you have a lot of options. I don't know about other teachers but outside of storing stuff I'm never at my desk, its tucked away neatly in one corner of my room, lol. Best of luck! :)