Saturday, July 7, 2012

Torn Owls

My county starts back to school on August 1 and I thought that was just too long to wait for another post. I decided that I would post about a project that I did with my kindergarden class from my previous school. Torn Paper Owls
I got the idea from Deep Space Sparkle. It was originally designed for second grade, but I wanted to work on tearing and gluing with my littlest ones. Here is an example from the site:

We talked about where the horned owls live, what they eat, and how they are nocturnal. I then showed the class how to draw their owl and not to forget the feathers that look like horns. They glued down the eyes and beak first. I made sure to tell them this was the only time they were going to get to use scissors. Next I showed them how to tear their paper and fill in their owls. I asked them to remind me how much glue I was supposed to use. One Small Dot! After the owl was complete they added details with oil pastels (moon, stars, branch, etc.). This project took about three class periods but I think the art came out nicely. Here are a few student examples.

This coming week I will be teaching an art camp at The Frist Center For the Visual Arts and I am very excited to see how the young artist art is going to turn out. I will definitely post about my teaching and share some student art! If you like what you see and want to see more, subscribe and follow! :)

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